Olivia Valentine
Dailies with Holly Murkerson

Beginning on May 6, 2013, Holly Murkerson and Olivia Valentine used their cell phones to take a photograph at the same time each day, compensating for differences in their respective geographic locations. What began as a way to stay in touch became a diaristic correspondance that lasted for 171 days, until October 23, 2013, when they reunited in Chicago.

Text from the original correspondance was later edited by Jessica Hyatt into stanzas that are incorporated throughout the book.

The fogged bathroom mirror after a shower. The view in a window, under the street, This is his front yard.
My apartment window.
I got stuck in a crazy wind-storm today and was covered with grit;
On a walk, trying to figure out where to photograph next.
Everything is so lush and green and humid.
Peonies from Cassie’s mother’s garden.

Running back and forth between.
Red shoelaces on Broadway.
I feel like you see so many of my breakfasts,
but Fran wants my attention.
Chocolate bits in the bottom of my cereal bowl.
Writing morning.
On my way out of Richmond.
With you at Foster Beach.