Olivia Valentine

between systems and grounds, ongoing since 2016.

in collaboration with Paula Matthusen

Project Website at https://betweensystemsandgrounds.com/ 
Albums avalible at Carrier Records


between systems and grounds is a collaborative, durational performance and installation system that creates a feedback loop between textile construction processes and feedback-based electronic music, two generative systems that are otherwise quite different in approach. This project connects these two systems through time, shared space, and a system of sonic and visual exchanges designed to produce an accumulation of inter-related sound and textile artifacts. "between systems and grounds" builds on a foundation of technical and artistic research into digital and analog intersections of sound composition and textile construction, bringing new technical and creative approaches to this interdisciplinary, collaborative project between visual artist Olivia Valentine and composer Paula Matthusen.

Specifically, "between systems and grounds" addresses the off-loom textile construction process of bobbin lace, a feedback-based electroacoustic music system, and the overlapping interest in site-specific work of collaborators Matthusen and Valentine. The sonic and textile artifacts produced through multiple site-specific performances and installations bear the trace evidence of multiple discrete local environments through this simultaneously site-specific and transient/transportable approach. The videos presented here represent multiple private and public performances over the course of the project’s life, and are presented as ongoing loops that the viewer can activate the audio through touch sensitive switches embedded in the fabric that lines the foamcore constructed frames.

See full documentation of the project at https://betweensystemsandgrounds.com/