Olivia Valentine
Flash Atölye was a temporary project and exhibition space in İzmir, Turkey, co-founded by Fırat Erdim and Olivia Valentine in 2012. The goal was to create a space of cultural exchange through a quick succession of projects. Flash was located in a commercial “pasaj” in the main market-place of the Karşıyaka district of İzmir, Turkey. The market, as well as the pasaj itself, is a smorgasbord of small businesses: tailors, barbers, printing presses, yarn stores, leatherworkers, bakers, etc.
Over the 10-month duration of the project, artists and architects based in Izmir, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, and Singapore were invited to realize projects, set up exhibitions, performances, and happenings that sought to engage this context. A shared concern over the role of labor and craft enabled an unlikely dialogue to emerge between these artists and the community of the pasaj, even without a shared background or language. Some came from abroad to work in the space for a period of time, developing their work through interaction with the community and place. Others sent work, or instructions to create a particular event in the space.

An archive of these projects is located at flashatolye.tumblr.com